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    Manufacturer Bonuses

    One of the best ways to get savings on the products you purchase is to sign up with the manufacturer newsletters as these often will give you access to discounts, coupons and information about newly developed products. This is especially true with grocery products where coupons are often given for loyalty.

    There are some basic rules you should follow when contacting manufacturers in hopes of getting discounts and coupons:

    <li> Treat customer representatives with respect
    <li> Do not request the manufacturer to send coupons because your local stores will not accept internet printables
    <li> Do not request the manufacturer to send coupons because you cannot print their coupons through an internet printable provider
    <li> If you want to compliment them for a product, personal stories are generally rewarded.
    <li> If you want to complain about a product, think through the problem you are reporting
    <li> Be reasonable
    <li> Sign-up for future offers
    <li> Donít go back to the well too often

    By following these rules, you will be much more likely to receive discount coupon and vouchers for the products you use which can add up to significant savings over the course of a year.

    Thanks to <a href="">Grocery Coupon Guide</a> for the information.

    Re: Manufacturer Bonuses

    I love these tips, keep em coming!


      Re: Manufacturer Bonuses

      good info... i kinda knew this from personal trial and error experience... i just called about a margarine tub i purchased that was full of air, hardly any margarine... they sent $10 in free cpns....