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    Forum Rules

    Profanity will not be tolerated on the boards. Abusive or offensive language, pictures, and/or links to profane or pornographic websites will be moderated. Repeat offenses by a forum member will result in a warning. Continued offenses could result in banning.

    While we encourage open discussion, we don’t want to promote an environment that is intimidating or discouraging to members. There will be disagreements and differences of opinion, but open hostility and fighting with other forum members will not be tolerated. Please remain respectful of other members’ opinions, comments, and questions. Hostility or fighting with other members will result in your posts being moderated. Repeat offenses will result in a warning. Continued offenses could result in banning.

    Staying on Topic
    Please be mindful of the various forum categories before starting a new thread. Place your thread in the appropriate area. Posting in the wrong section will result in your thread being moved to the appropriate area. Also, remain on subject within a thread. Do not “highjack” a thread and change the subject. New ideas and topics warrant creating a new thread.

    Dated Threads
    Refrain from replying to dated threads that are no longer relevant. Please start a new thread.

    Non-Financial Topics
    Open and free discussion is encouraged on the boards. Feel free to discuss topics and subjects not directly related to finances. It is asked, however, that any non-financial topics be placed in the “Everything Else” section of the forum.

    Moderation of Threads
    Please be respectful of the decisions made by the site moderators. Hostility toward one of the site moderators due to one of your posts being moved, edited, or deleted will not be tolerated. Should you have any questions concerning one of your posts, feel free to send a private message or email to one of the Moderators or Administrators.

    Spamming the boards with short nonsensical responses will not be tolerated. You will be banned for this action.

    Feel free to post links to other sites once you reach the required minimum post count so long as the links are on topic and are not self-promoting. Unauthorized links will be removed.

    Signatures should be a maximum of 4 single spaced lines. Do not bold any of the text in your signature. Do not place links in your signature to any profane or pornographic sites. You may have a link in your signature to your own site or to your social media profile. If your signature is in violation of forum rules the Moderators will edit it. If you have any questions please ask.