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Dave Ramsey Investment Philosophy Twitter Fight

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    Dave Ramsey Investment Philosophy Twitter Fight

    ...Yesterday, Investment News reported on a Twitter exchange between two factions of many in financialdom—the Ramsey clan (represented by personal finance guru, Dave Ramsey) and more than a few of the best representatives the true profession of financial advising has to offer, led by Carl Richards, Carolyn McClanahan and Michael Kitces. I’m convinced that if you got them in a room over a meal, they’d be the best of friends, but this discourse devolved into mud-slinging in about two tweets flat.

    At issue was Ramsey’s investment philosophy, long deemed over-simplified by the ranks of the Certified Financial Planner™ crowd. And while I’ll stand with sister McClanahan and brother Richards on their position of logic, I can’t deny that the verbiage used to make their points was likely more inflammatory than necessary. And no one throws gasoline on a fire better than Dave Ramsey, who quipped, “I help more people in 10 min. than all of you combined in your ENTIRE lives #stophating.”

    Actually, a good article. The "unifying principles" at the end are great.

    As to the fight, I don't *get* it. Dave Ramsey 100% tells all his listeners and followers to seek professional investment advice. So, what's the problem? They all play for the same team. ??? I suppose it seems to me that they have more in common than not.