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The $1 Billion That Nobody Wants

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  • Rosen4
    I'll bring 1 million truck to get those coins

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  • jeffrey
    started a topic The $1 Billion That Nobody Wants

    The $1 Billion That Nobody Wants

    Politicians in Washington hardly let a few minutes go by without mentioning how broke the government is. So, it's a little surprising that they've created a stash of more than $1 billion that almost no one wants.

    Unused dollar coins have been quietly piling up in Federal Reserve vaults in breathtaking numbers, thanks to a government program that has required their production since 2007. And even though the neglected mountain of money recently grew past the $1 billion mark, the U.S. Mint will keep making more and more of the coins under a congressional mandate...

    U.S. Mint Stores $1 Billion In Dollar Coins That No One Wants : NPR