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Foreclosures and responsibility

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  • Foreclosures and responsibility

    This blog I follow they write about their foreclosed home, and how it's only in the Husband's name. And only the husband works but the wife stays at home with their kid.

    Part 1: Things weren’t supposed to be like this for us

    I think personally this illustrates people foreclosing then renting, then also staying in homes and not paying as a method of saving money. I don't think that people necessarily want to make tough decisions or sacrifice.

    Sacrifice I would think would be both people working opposite shifts or the guy getting more jobs to try and make ends meet. But what do others think?
    LivingAlmostLarge Blog

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    I don't know. It's hard to know what the situation is in some foreclosures, as I have never been in that situation myself (thank God). I think people have a responsibility to pay. Sometimes, we take losses in life when we get in over our heads.

    I have student loans, for instance, but I think it is only fair I have to repay them, even though I feel ripped off by my education. I still took on the debt, regardless of the outcome of it or the circumstances around it. Do I resent it? Yes, it is a big debt burden. But like a mortgage, you have to repay what you fairly took on. Those are my two cents!
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      I agree with frugal. It is very hard to know exactly what was going on if you were not the one living it. Still, it does a good job of highlighting the human aspect of everything that was going on.