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Will Your Children Grow Up To Be Servants And Nannies?

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    Will Your Children Grow Up To Be Servants And Nannies?

    Will large numbers of today's children grow up to become servants and nannies in the homes of the digital bourgeoisie? There is good reason to believe that the answer is yes...

    Will Your Children Grow Up To Be Servants And Nannies? -

    better that than on welfare IMO


      I am a servant!!!! I take care of gardens that second home owners cannot find time for. Bring it on, it's good solid work.


        I feel like a servant to one particular family... they're clients of DH's lawn care business, and I tutor their daughter in math. LOL


          Why is the term 'servant' so bad? What on earth is wrong with being a servant?

          you work you get paid, who cares if it is one family paying you or a corporation?

          Is it really better to say I work for company X than person X?

          If I were going to cook for a living I think I would rather cook for a family, get to know them and if I liked them learn more about what they like to eat I presume bonuses would come my way for the effort, and going to work would be more enjoyable...Or I could work for a corporation..can't see caring one way or another what they like. Nor can I see them giving me a raise for knowing their stock prices.

          I certainly can see where the family you work for makes a big difference. But I really can't see that being very different from the boss. Good bosses can make a crap job fun, and the reverse is true.

          My husband used to fix computers (Unemployed currently) he did a good job, the folk he worked for were very happy with his work. But the big company had a bottom line to deal with, and folk in other countries work far cheaper than he ever could. If he worked for the family directly, I think the bottom line would matter less.


            If you read the book "The Road To Serfdom", every generation is a generation away from slavery. We must be vigilant, lest our children become slaves to states, dictator, governments in general.

            With the tremendous debts we have as a nation, and the increasing size of the government, this day maybe coming soon, unless we fight for liberty, less tax, less debts, and less regulation.

            The people need to grow stronger and the government weaker.