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It's Easy To Start Your Own Company

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  • It's Easy To Start Your Own Company

    Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson are two of my favorite guys in the tech industry. That's mainly because they have little in common with everyone else in the tech industry. Their 10-year-old company, 37signals, makes Web software for businesses. These products are universally hailed as simple, elegant, and usefulónot to mention extremely popular and profitable. Yet 37signals' software often seems like a byproduct of a larger mission. On Signal vs. Noise, their entertaining company blog, and in lectures and classes all over the country, Fried and Hansson sell a particular capitalist philosophy: You, too, can start a successful business. Now they've distilled their wisdom into Rework, a small manifesto on the art of launching and running a company in the Web age. If you've ever thought of starting your own business, consider Rework your recipe book...

    Rework, by the founders of 37signals, explains that it's easy to start your own company. - By Farhad Manjoo - Slate Magazine

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    absolutely it is easy to start a business. keeping it going is the hard part!


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      I think the hardest part about starting your own company are dealing with the short-term losses like leaving your current job that is paying you well and having no income for a while.

      That's why I really think the ideal time to start a company is when you're in high school or college because you don't have much responsibility (really! looking back was school that tough?) and a lot more free time. Once you start working it's hard to find time to get a side company going. So you have to quit your job and focus on it full time and that's hard to do because of the fear of failure, lost time and money.


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        Re::It's Easy To Start Your Own Company

        I think about to starting the company when you're in high school or college because you don't have much responsibility and at the same time quite an amount of free time.


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          Yes, its easy to start a new company.....but quite difficult to make it a success.
          Good Luck


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            Originally posted by Shine View Post
            Yes, its easy to start a new company.....but quite difficult to make it a success.

            But you know, I'm not really opposed to it, if nothing else because of all the sweet tax deductions, depending on what business you set up....


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              Even if you are NOT successful, in the end you will be better off because of all that you will have learned trying... Then comes the old say, "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again..."

              Eventually, the odds are that you will happen onto something that works for you and your skillset.


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                I think that if someone is going to start his own business then it would be difficult to manage expenses in the start.but after that that would be much better and feel easy.


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                  There is a fine line between owning an business and owning your job, but it is not that difficult to grow a business part-time doing what you do for a living.

                  This will largley be in an service field(electrical, plumbing, carpentry, upholstery etc.). Many of these types of businesses do not require large overheads and can be started in your spare time.