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Citi starts closing Mastercards without warning

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  • Citi starts closing Mastercards without warning

    Citi starts closing Mastercards without warning

    People across country reporting their cards linked to gas companies denied - Oct 2009

    Citi closing Mastercards without warning - Consumer news-

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    I get that they have the right to close the accounts, but it sure would be nice for folks if they did it by first notifying people that it was going to happen. How would you like to be stranded on vacation thinking you were going to be using their card for your gasoline purchases? UGH!

    Just seems like a poor business practice to pull the rug out from under folks with no warning.


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      Yeah, I heard about that, and I've got one of those cards but never use it. I should at least try to put a gallon of windshield cleaner on that card and see if it is rejected.

      About one year ago, I had another unused card that was cancelled, yet did not get any notice until about three weeks after the termination date. Sometimes "they" do these things.
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        I had a Household Bank Card cancelled due to the state of the economy. But I suspect that it was cancelled because I stopped using it and started paying extra each month to pay it off.


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          Hi all,

          I also heard about it and felt very bad for those who are using master cards for the long time, and suddenly got to know they are being closed without any prior intimation.

          Very good example was given above that someone has gone out of the city with his master card and suddenly got to know it's not working... quite embarrassing. I think this is foolish.