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Tips for New Paupers

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    Tips for New Paupers

    Little did I know that when I lost everything last year, I was doing research. At the time I thought it was just stupidity or bad luck or both. But now that the economyís crashing, it turns out Iíve been out there gathering valuable tips for millions of new paupers.

    And let me clarify, Iím talking real poverty.

    My wife and I fell through many layers of poverty in a few months. First we revisited the genteel poverty known to grad students, the sort of poverty where you have scary dreams about the rent and eat a simple, wholesome diet towards the end of the month. But we fell right through that into the sort of Dickensian privation spoiled first-worlders like me never expected to experience. Thatís the kind of poverty a lot of people are going to be experiencing soonóbecause Iím here to tell you, it can happen here and it can happen to you. And itís remarkably unpleasant. You may be saying ďDuh!Ē here but youíre probably not imagining the proper sort of unpleasantness. So Iíll try to lay out what to watch for, how to hunker down when itís not just a matter of cutting back or selling your second car but having no car at all, having no money for heat or food...

    EXILED ONLINE - MANKIND’S ONLY ALTERNATIVE Ľ Tips for New Paupers - By John Dolan

    I'm glad I live around lots of family.