<i>A man whose truck was stolen with his 11-week-old puppy inside said the thief threatened to kill his pet unless he paid a $500 ransom. Instead, the dog owner brought the police along to the planned rendezvous, and a suspect was arrested.

Timothy Connors, 30, left the keys in his pickup truck, with the dog inside, when he stepped into a convenience store Monday. That's when Michael Cyr allegedly stole the truck and Dakota, a two-pound Pomeranian-Maltese mix.

After discovering the truck was gone, Connors called his cell phone, which he had left inside the vehicle. He said Cyr answered and demanded $500, threatening to kill the dog if police got involved.

Connors eventually agreed to meet the suspect at Boston's Downtown Crossing shopping district. He put $43 in an envelope padding it with napkins to make it look like $500...</i> <A HREF="http://cbs5.com/watercooler/watercooler_story_117152616.html">Entire Story Here</A>