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Tampa Woman Sues City for Unpaid Civil War Loan

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  • Tampa Woman Sues City for Unpaid Civil War Loan

    Morning Edition, April 21, 2008 A 77-year-old woman in Tampa, Fla., is trying to collect on a loan her great-grandfather made to the city during the Civil War. She claims that after 147 years at 8 percent interest, the original $300 debt is now nearly $23 million.

    NPR story

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    Tampa? During the Civil War?

    Wouldn't that loan have been made in Confederate currency?

    Jefferson Davis would know what to do.


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      I feel as though after a certain amount of time that debt would be expired, especially if it was made in Confederate currency.

      I'd be interested in hearing the rest of her argument. And what made her think of this? I certainly don't know anything about my great-grandfather's financials!