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Wealth Can Deliver Three Key Benefits

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    Wealth Can Deliver Three Key Benefits

    You save now so you can spend later. But what will you spend your money on? People dream of endless leisure and bountiful possessions.

    Unfortunately, after a few months, endless leisure often seems like endless tedium. Similarly, you might imagine that a flashy new car or a fancy new home will be your ticket to eternal bliss. But a year after you make your purchase, the thrill will likely be gone, and you will be lusting after something else. My point: The "rich life" of popular imagination is no great shakes.

    That doesn't mean money can't enhance your life. In fact, I believe wealth can deliver three key benefits. The good news: If you are savvy, you can enjoy this trio of benefits even if you don't have great wads of cash. A fat portfolio just makes it all a little easier.

    Getting Going -

    Another provocative article.

    I think they have a good point, which is basically that money can't buy you happiness....

    For myself though, I'm struggling just to piece some kind of retirement together. I'll be happy if I have enough to maintain even the lifestyle that I have right now....

    But at least I am working on it. For the average American, chance are good that many will have to work past the age of 65 to achieve retirement... because they haven't been saving as they should have when they were younger.

    And once they retire, they may be disappointed to find that it may not be easy to maintain even the basics for every day living. (I'm sure Social Security and Medicare will be there somehow, but I don't want to assume that it's going to be enough when I retire.)

    But I hope more Americans will realize this sooner rather than later. Because, if they think 401k is a fund they can tap now for consumer living....

    It's a tangent to the author's original message, and I'm not trying to disagree with him. I just hope some readers don't misinterpret the article to mean, "Well, if money isn't everything, why should I even have to worry about it?"
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      A lot of what he said I think King Solomon covered already in the eat, drink and be merry stuff he wrote about in Eccles. 5:16-20ish. There's a lot to be said for enjoying life today.

      I also agree with the cautionary tales the scriptures teach about the ways of the ant & having your oil lamps filled, clean, and wicks trimmed...
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