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Recycled Homes

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  • Recycled Homes

    Recycled Homes
    Inspiring gentleman helps the working poor achieve the dream of home ownership.

    YouTube - Recycled Houses

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    Wonderful, beautiful, fantastic! I'm not one for emailing stuff around, but I've got to send that link to a number of my pals!
    "There is some ontological doubt as to whether it may even be possible in principle to nail down these things in the universe we're given to study." --text msg from my kid

    "It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men." --Frederick Douglass


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      Right Joan - he embodies in his everyday life what my tag line sums up. Wish I could say I was as fruitful in my living!


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        That video is awesome. what a great idea. And the houses are beautiful.

        On a similar note, I ran across this article on recycled kitchens. Apparently you can buy a "used" high end kitchen from a rich person who is throwing it out simply because they want something more fashionable. You buy through a non profit and all the money goes to charity. How awesome is that?