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We All Seem To Think We're Middle Class

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    We All Seem To Think We're Middle Class

    A new report by the Pew Research Center highlights a paradox of the American middle class: Most people, no matter where they fall on the economic spectrum, believe they are part of it.

    Just ask David Schutt and Elizabeth Gaylord of Berwyn, whose household income is well above the village median, last measured at $43,833. A computer technician and artist, respectively, they enjoy ski trips to Colorado and Wisconsin but are putting off repairing their roof because they are worried about their economic future.

    Study: Earners high, low think they belong to middle class -- Colorado, Paul Taylor --

    Interesting... though perhaps not surprising... since many who associate themselves as middle class are judging it based on material possessions (TV, Car, house) rather than financial well-being.

    But of course, we know better here.

    The survey is interesting too! The vast majority considers themselves middle class (but it is skewed towards the higher end of the income brackets).


      Define middle
      Define median

      there might be a difference

      75% of people file taxes in the two lowest tax brackets- that is a taxable income of less than $32550 for single filers and $65100 for married filers.

      The US is appealing to so many foreign companies because even our lower classes can still afford some things that other third world citizens think are luxeries.

      Electricity and running water for starters
      clothes and TVs for another.