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New game show: "How much is enough?"

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    New game show: "How much is enough?"

    There's a new game show coming out on GSN. The person who buzzes in next-to-last each round wins the money.

    In the final round between 2 contestants, the "money clock" starts at $0 and counts upward. The 1st person to buzz in wins and goes home with the money. The other person goes home with nothing.

    At what dollar amount would you hit the buzzer?

    At first, the premise didn't sound too interesting until I realized that you're going toe-to-toe with someone on a psychological game of chicken. Woah!

    Yes, this can be more interesting them I thought.

    If it was me, I would try to gauge the opponent's background, educational level, possible earned income, and ultimately, when they would hit their buzzer. Sure, assessing such information would be difficult at best, but that's part of the fun, isn't it?

    I would also try to "mislead" them a bit by implying that I have much greater risk tolerance than I may really have. That may increase their own risk tolerance to wait longer, while I would plan to hit the buzzer well below my perception of their risk tolerance.

    Then, as they say, "let the chips fall where they may".


      BA, I can always count on you to play along with my mind games. Discussion about budgets and asset allocations can get a little dry after a while.

      Anyway I wonder if the final winning dollar amount will be very volatile at first, but then fall into a range after several episodes... since expectations will be set as to how much people "normally" win.

      Another variable here which we don't know is how fast the "money clock" will increase in value. Does it go up $100 per second, or $1,000 per second? Also does it go up infinitely or is there a maximum?


        Gasp, Sweeps! How could you blaspheme upon hallowed halls of the Asset Allocations and Budget?! Repent now before thou art branded for heresy!

        Yes, I admit this would be a very interesting exercise. Personally, I would be be fixated on the other guy's body language, to look for any signs that may give me a clue how they are reacting to the clock.

        To me, this seems similar to poker... or martial arts.