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Ally Bank, 12 month 2.0% CD til 1/2/2018

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    Ally Bank, 12 month 2.0% CD til 1/2/2018

    Ally is offering a 12 month, 2.0% APY CD from 12/19/17 - 1/2/18. No minimum, no maximum.

    I just opened one myself. Figured it'd be a good place to stash any extra available cash you may have, but don't want to place it any where risky or lock it up for too long.

    Nice to see rates finally inching up. It'll be interesting to see what Ally is offering when my current CD's come due next year. 2% still isn't much but at least with a $100,000. account your still making a couple of grand.

    I think my first CD years ago was 10%. I guess we all have stories like that!