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Michael Burry says market is in a bubble

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    Originally posted by Nutria View Post

    A stopped clock is right twice a day. Things can break in a variety of ways. (Consider: if the clock is slightly fast or slightly slow, it'll never be right without manual intervention.)
    there you go.


      Another headline about this, getting a bit worried.. But in long term it should be fine, but considering to sell some non performers to at at least shore up some cash in case...


        Oh yeah, there's definitely a drop in the offing. But we don't know when, nor how much growth we'll continue to see before that occurs. It could also just turn out to be a long, slow decline over the course of a couple months. If anyone isn't comfortable with the possibility (likelihood) of account balances dropping in a correction, perhaps a reassessment of the AA is merited.

        That said, I am also building up some cash savings to have available as dry powder when it does happen. We want the cash for some flexibility right now while I'm deployed (freedom to hire anyone to fix/handle anything), but if the markets drop significantly, I'll definitely take at least half of it to invest & take advantage of the buying opportunity.
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          Hey, I navigated through the link, and I agree with Michael Burry. I observed that prices are fluctuating, and they decrease and then increase very rapidly, representing inflation. I have been using trading applications for a long time, but these periods are difficult because I am used to trading in a more relaxed manner and investing a little. So, I am using the Robinhood platform for trading, but it is hard to make good predictions. I have searched for the best Robinhood alternatives, and I found some. Now I have better control over my money and all the trading I do. I am more relaxed, and I am not so affected by the situation.
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            Originally posted by wandaruth View Post
            Is the market still like this?
            Yes, and its probably gotten a bit worse.