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    Originally posted by james.hendrickson View Post

    Any thoughts on why the S and P wouldn't include Tesla?
    Over 20 companies qualifies for S&P inclusion every quarter, but only a few gets added or subtracted. The index is weighted based on valuation which means it is extremely difficult to add Tsla at its current valuation without massively disturbing potential returns. If there are speculators anticipating for indexers to hold the bag as they pump the stock to insane value like they suspected, then adding Tesla is not being responsible to those funds.

    So being unpredictable is perhaps their number 1 reason as how Tesla earns their profits is irrelevant. This ensures no one is trying to gain the system.

    It took 3 quarters after facebook qualified to be added. Took a quarter for amazon. So its going to happen, just don't know when which is great. I am loving that Tesla gained back it's valuation naturally vs some S&P speculators trying to play games. However this is probably due to the wildly hyped battery day event so expect some sell the news afterwards. Also short sellers may be off on vacation with Tesla because no one wants to be caught in a S&P inclusion squeeze which is inevitable.