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Sleep study? It doesn't have to cost you thousands

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    Sleep study? It doesn't have to cost you thousands


    Sleep studies are a big profit center for hospitals and clinics these days. A few months ago, my doctor ordered a sleep study and made me an appointment at the local hospital's sleep center (his employer - what a coincidence).

    The sleep study cash price was "only" $1500! Well, I did a little shopping around, and found a nifty business here called "Sleep 2 Go". They charge a $100 bill for your sleep study, and come to your house to set you up - you don't even have to leave your own bed.

    So sure enough, they came at about 9pm, hooked up some wires, and told me to hit the sack. The next morning, I delivered the items back to their shop, they pulled the data in about 5 minutes, and said "yep, you have sleep apnea"!

    So then I was to take the results back to my doctor so he could order me a prescription for a CPAP machine. That would be another $100 for an office visit. Or not. Sleep 2 Go has a nurse practitioner who looks at the results and writes you a prescription for a $20 bill. Nice.

    So now I'm out $120. But what about the CPAP machine?

    This is where Sleep 2 Go makes THEIR money: They offered me a "cash price" Fisher and Paykel with warranty for a rock bottom price of $990. Hmmm.

    I went home and shopped around online and found the same unit at for around $475 delivered!

    A few days later, I had my machine. I plugged it in and slept like a baby. Sleep apnea resolved.

    My total out-of-pocket for the entire affair was $595.

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