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    GoodRx for OTC drugs

    We've mentioned GoodRx and similar discount programs before but I wanted to specifically point out that you can sometimes use these programs to also save on certain over the counter medications.

    My mom uses Voltaren (diclofenac) gel for arthritis. Within the past year, it went from prescription to over the counter. You can still get it with a prescription but her plan no longer covered it so we've been buying it OTC. We occasionally find a coupon for it or catch it on sale, but she's paying out of pocket.

    She happened to check GoodRx and sure enough they still list it. The only "catch" is that you need to have your provider prescribe it which isn't a big deal. But doing so it works out cheaper than just buying it off the shelf.

    * Despite the high cost of living, it remains very popular.
    * Why should I pay for my daughter's education when she already knows everything?
    * There are no shortcuts to anywhere worth going.

    Another one to mention is Omeprazole/ Prilosec to control acid reflux. Same thing. Can be bought OTC but my doctor prescribes it at that dose. It's pretty cheap anyway, and really cheap with insurance and/or GoodRx coupons.