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Do any of you pay for a house cleaner?

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    OMG my cleaner didn't tell me she was coming this morning. Let's just say at 730 am i was yelling at my kids and DH to get up and hurry. I told her start downstairs. We just aren't ready. I haven't seen my DH move to put things away and pick up so fast in a long long time.
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      Start with a Roomba like vacuum! One of the cheapest ways to automate keeping floors clean!

      We have a Cockatoo (messy eater) so we bought one to snag his seeds he drops. And I was amazed at what that little robot picks up every time he goes to work. Price was good to @ $180 (deebot n79) . Far from perfect machine, but really surprised me by how much stuff it picks up.
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        We have a service that comes in and does a top to bottom clean-up on our lake house about 3-4 times per year. Other than that, we do it ourselves.


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          We've had a housekeeper for 22 years. Started when our son was small. We have a gal who hires gals to help her. Never had any problems. We "clean" the house before they come as I don't want to pay someone to pick up after us. We pay $85 every other week and find it is worth it. We have two cats and a dog. They have special ways to clean and do such a better job than we do.

          We think of it as a few meals out a month. We live near San Francisco so we may pay more than other areas.

          We do spot clean in between when needed and I'm not opposed to housework. My husband and I work from home so feel our time is better spent working than cleaning.