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The joys of home ownership - TIMES TWO!

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    Originally posted by disneysteve View Post

    Honestly, it's not even the money that bothers me. It's the hassle factor. Having to call repair people and contractors, get them to call you back and then actually show up, having to rearrange schedules, clean out areas for them to access what they need to access, etc. I don't mind the money so much. If I could make one call and get the work done promptly, that would be great. The AC fix was easy. I called and they came a few hours later and did the job. Back home, we're still waiting for our siding repair. It's been a couple of months.
    Spent my career as a contractor and have hired a million subcontractors for all sorts of projects. I've got the benefit of lots of contacts and typically know who to call for speedy service.
    When I find a good one, I never ask for a price on small projects. Just tell them to do the job and treat me fair. I feel that gets me better service and fair pricing.


      Frankly, be glad you own a home. I'm a renter in my late 40s and terrified about always owing rent or a mortgage in retirement!