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Should I back out of mortgage refinance?

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    I'd be very interested to hear what your counselor had to say about that. I see a lot of people are asking this question now because people need to save as much as possible. I myself have found myself in that dilemma. In order to solve this problem, I needed to consult with Mortgage Advisor Cambridge. It really helped me figure out what had accumulated over several years of mortgage payments. I took out my mortgage at 2.8% and have been paying it for over two years. So far, I'm getting by and it doesn't seem difficult to me. I'm sure it's a credit to a good lawyer.
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      Have the same problem. I wanted to refinance my mortgage loan, but wasn't sure if 2.95% is a good option. What did you finally decide? I kinda hope that because of the pandemic the government will do something about it. You know, some protecting laws for mortgage prisoners or the reduction of the interest rate. I know it's a bit naive, but a lot of people had lost their jobs and it will be hard for them to pay the bills. I even found and contacted mortgage brokers from the to get a professional opinion. They promised me to refinance the loan and reduce it to 2.65. Hope they'll help.
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