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Olive Garden lifetime pass any takers? Get it before Aug 15

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  • Olive Garden lifetime pass any takers? Get it before Aug 15

    I would not get my money's worth but maybe someone here could benefit from it. Good luck!

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    They'll probably go out a business way before the end of someone's lifetime.


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      Although I could theoretically make it worth the cost within a year or two (just go there for lunch 2-4x a month), I don't normally eat out often enough to justify it.... Partly for the expense, but also for the health reasons... My packed lunches are way healthier than eating out. Besides, there's only a limited number of dishes available, and I'd probably get tired of the same 4-5 things pretty quick.
      "Praestantia per minutus" ... "Acta non verba"


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        That's a lot of pasta! Egad! I don't think I would ever get my money back. We haven't been to Olive Garden in months and months because I do not want to pay $10.99 and tax for a bowl of spaghetti! Yeah, I know, you get breadsticks and salad, but both are jam packed full of calories. I guess if you were a hearty eater and lived near by it would be a deal, but not for me.