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Retirement Calculator w/ % of contribution increase each year

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  • Retirement Calculator w/ % of contribution increase each year

    I'm trying to get a rough idea of what retirement numbers might look like for me and my husband. Since I have a pension that is slightly complicated and no one knows what that'll look like when I'm ready to retire, I've decided to just look at my husband's numbers right now.

    He's 27 and has $12,000 in his 401k. He is currently contributing 8%. Each year we plan on raising this a percentage point until he hits 15 or 20%. Most of the calculators I've found online count on the percentage he is contributing to stay the same and only his income going up each year.

    I know I could figure this all out in a spreadsheet, but if anyone knows of an existing calculator out there that will let you adjust the yearly contribution percentage, that would be a big help. Thanks!

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    Here is my favorate calculator...

    Flexible Retirement Planner

    I did not see an option to check that, but double check me (it has lots of options for spending like you mentioned, but not one for accumulation unless I missed it).

    This calculator allows 3 different increases to accumulation

    FIRECalc: A different kind of retirement calculator

    This one appears flexible enough to do what you want, assuming you have excel.


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      Jim - That vertex42 one worked out great. I was able to amend the spreadsheet to calculate what our retirement strategy is (increase 1% every year). Thanks for your help!