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    A day in the life of...

    I thought it might be interesting to get a better idea of what we all do "IRL"! Okay, I'll admit, I have a selfish interest in this as well. I'm seriously starting to consider what line of work I want to go into, as I cannot see myself doing this forever. I would love to hear more about what YOU all do during the day, since I'm at a loss as to what direction I want to go in! And so, I present: A Day in the Life of: Jodi

    Service Coordinator for a state agency

    20-30% of my day: traveling to visit with clients (developmentally disabled individuals, most of whom reside in group homes) at home or at their day program sites, occasionally taking them to appts.
    20-40% returning phone calls and e-mails regarding the services my folks receive (i.e. today it was a transportation issue, wheelchair issue, billing issue for residential care, etc.)
    20-30% updating paperwork. This includes minimally two annual revisions to the Individualized Service Plan (ISP), which lists all the services a person receives and serves as proof of the service for Medicaid billing. It also includes a monthly note listing all contacts and visits I had with a person or their service providers for monthly billing, various financial reporting paperwork (i.e. Medicaid recertification, food stamp application), and assisting families with applying for services (i.e. day program, respite, service coordination).
    10-20% in meetings (annual review meetings, special meetings called to address a particular issue, or staff meetings) or trainings.

    Today's schedule (6 hour day):
    8am - 9 am: travel to a training
    9-10:30: Training on how to assist families with applying for guardianship
    10:30-11:30: travel
    11:30-12:00: E-mail, phone calls
    12:00-1:00: staff meeting
    1:00-1:45: phone calls to work out a transportation issue, talk with a nurse about paperwork needed for Medicaid
    1:45-2: Drive to drop off needed paperwork to nurse

    Interesting topic.

    I'm a family practice physician in an inner-city practice.
    I got to the office just after 8am today and spent about 30 minutes checking labs and doing prescription refills. Now, I'm blowing some time checking e-mail, ebay auctions status and this board. I start seeing patients at 9am. Actually, today, I saw one patient early because he is a family friend.

    So I'll see patients from 9-12.
    12-1 I'll do more messages and have lunch with a sales rep.
    1-4 I'll see patients and squeeze in messages in between so I can get out on time because I have to be at a meeting at 5.

    Right now, my schedule is showing 20 appointments. There will be a few no-shows. There will be a few add-ons for sick visits. So the actual number will probably come in right around 20 people.

    * Despite the high cost of living, it remains very popular.
    * Why should I pay for my daughter's education when she already knows everything?
    * There are no shortcuts to anywhere worth going.


      I am a CPA.

      I LOL at the idea of a typical idea (hehe). Particularly since I think the job is viewed as a more sit down/boring type job. Hardly.

      This month we will work on updating client records through 12/31 and double checking our estimates of their taxes due. But we also have quarterly payroll filings and W-2s & 1099s to prepare. Cram time.

      Next month I will still be keeping up on our "bookkeeping" but I will have a good 8 clients a week coming in to get their tax return done. So it is very very busy and different. I dress up a little more and have to look extra presentable. & talk to be people all day.

      The rest of the time we just do the work as it comes. Taxes in MArch and April. Business taxes in MArch. Spring/summer we catch up with all the bookeeping. Then we do the non-profit audits and tax returns. & if we have time catch up administrative work around the office. (Seems like there is never time). Sometimes we do audits or work out at clients' offices. (Actually my last job was at 90% out of the office, which was always interesting).

      Anyway, I am kind of the computer guru in the office so a typical day I will sit down to get a financial statement or a tax return out the door, and then I will get a call or 2 with clients with computer problems. (Sometimes, though rarely these days, I drop everything to go out and help them). & then I will get a couple of computer questions from employees. Software stuff like extracting files and a format issues on the financial statements. Then 3 clients will call me and tell me they have an emergency and they need help with something (anything) and they need everything yesterday.

      Other days I can just sit at my desk all day and never see a soul. & never get a call. Phew. & I can get my work done. LOL. But I do spend a lot of time chatting with clients for information.

      I generally work 8-5.

      When it is busy I tend to skip lunch (rather get home to my family). In the summer when it is slow I tend to go home for lunch a couple of times a week. Take some leisurely lunches. But mostly I am happy to skip them. The busy days fly. So I can get in more hours.

      Since I am so committed to my family during the week I do tend to work a lot of Saturdays. I just really don't mind going into the office 3 hours on an early saturday morning. Of course the reason I usually end up doing this is because I will take too much time off during the week. My schedule is very flexible, I don't really have set hours. As long as I get my work done and am around enough to be responsive to clients. During tax season I will wake up at dawn and work from home a couple of hours while everyone is asleep, ideally, and then I can keep the same schedule. Have most of the evenings and weekends for my family. The rest of the year I Wake up at dawn and enjoy the quiet time. I am very much a morning person.

      P.S. Being in a "time is money" industry we don't spend a lot of time in meetings or doing administrative work. BUT since I work for a very small firm I do have my fair share of administrative responsibilities. But we allocate what we can to the admin stuff. We are doing a lot of work on moving our files to the internet and reducing our paper filing system. Just an example of something I have spent a lot of time on lately.
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        A day in the life of an Estate Planning Paralegal.

        Show up early at around 7:15. Make breakfast, answer phones, try to organize my desktop for work. Wave hi to one of three bosses who also comes in early, answer questions regarding jobs, add more work to list of things that must be done today, this week and this month.

        Work on probate pleadings, ask boss to review so I can efile them, prepare mailing of documents for funding trusts, try to organize desk and tasks.

        Realize that I am starving, didn't eat half my breakfast and go make lunch. Attempt to detox by surfing the internet, reading emails and going over my finances.

        Get handed last minute projects by other two bosses, work on those projects, realize that its 5 and I should be leaving, realize that I didn't finish everything on my list, sigh, and promise to try harder the next day. Grab mail and head home.


          Stay at home mom:

          5:30- in the shower, before everyone else gets up.
          6:00- wake hubby and take dogs out.
          6:20- Wake DD, make breakfast, start laundry, unload dishwasher, eat breakfast while standing up and running around house helping hubby find clothes for work and daughters glasses. Take one of the dogs back outside for unfinished buisness.
          7:00- Wake up other DD, Take older DD to school, come home make breakfast for younger DD.
          7:35- Clean up kitchen, make DD lunch for school, go over DD's spelling words "one more time", fill water and food bowls for dogs.
          8:00- Take DD to school, run errands.
          10:30- Back home, take dogs out, put laundry in dryer. Go through yesterdays mail, empty trash, clean something.
          11:15- Eat lunch, check e-mails, do surveys.
          12:00- Put away laundry, iron clothes,
          12:40- Exercise for 30 min
          1:10- More surveys
          1:40- Take dogs back out for quick walk, make phone calls
          2:10- leave to pick up older DD from school
          2:30- bring DD home, leave to pick up other DD at her school.
          3:10- Home with other DD, help with homework, start dinner, make list of things to remember to do for tomorrow. Answer lots of phone calls.
          4:45- Early dinner, then clean up everything.


            I'll give you my schedule for school since right now all I pretty much do is hang out with friends and work on the weekend.

            M/W: Wake up around 6:30, leave for school around 7:20. In class from 8 - 5:30, but I have a three hour break from 1 - 4. Head home, eat a quick dinner, do homework. Shower and go to bed.

            T/Th/F: Wake up around 6:30, leave for school around 7:20. In class from 8 - 1. Have lunch with friends/boyfriend, go home, get some chores done and start homework. I'll eat around 6:30, shower, do more homework/study/read/watch TV, then go to bed.

            Weekends: wake up around 7:30, exercise for an hour, do some chores and leave for work. While at work I'll do homework too so after work I can hang out with friends/boyfriend. Shower around 9 or 10.



              A day in the life of a Nurse Anesthetist:

              0630 Drop kids at daycare
              0700 Report for work and start seeing patients. This includes interviewing, doing H &Ps, assessments, evaluation labs, ECGs, and MD reports, getting consenst signed and reviewing the pending procedure. Also includes starting an IV.
              0730 The first patient is taken back to OR and prepped for surgery. My job is to sedate and anesthetize the patient for comfort. Goals of anesthesia include analgesia, anmesia, control of hemodyamics and fluid status and so forth. I monitor the patient one on one until the completion of the surgical procedure. Then, I take the patient to the RR, give report and assess their status and then go on to do the next case. This goes on all day long.


                SAHM of 4 plus 1 in "Mom's Daycare"

                Wake up
                scripture study with hubby
                wake up dd, dd, dd, ds
                dress 2 youngest
                make breakfast for everyone
                ship hubby off to work
                my daycare child arrives
                get all 5 kids in van
                take ds to kindergarten
                take dd to prek
                come home and do dishes
                play Little People with dd and daycare kid
                feed baby dd
                snack for kids
                pick up dd from preK
                pile 4 kids in van to pick-up ds
                while in carpool line, read and do book report with dd
                come home, snack time
                daycare child goes home
                make dinner
                eat dinner
                do homework with ds
                kids brush teeth
                kids to bed
                Internet or read


                  Biotech Sales Rep

                  7:30 wake up, shower
                  7:45 check email
                  8:00 walk and feed dog
                  8:20 more email, run reports
                  8:30-9:30 plan day, routing, confirm appts, put together any follow up materials
                  9:30-10:15 drive into territory
                  10:15-12 call on targeted physicians
                  12-1:30 luncheon w/ physician office
                  1:30-2:30 call on targeted physicians
                  3:30 back in home office, emails, reports, etc
                  5:30 run days final report


                    homeschooling SAHM..3.5 kids, typical M-F winter schedule

                    -Get woken up by kids me they were up earlier, I just am not.
                    -some chores, some breakfast, some more chores...(kids and mom)
                    -Play game, do worksheets, do art if done in time
                    -make lunch (and eat)
                    -Tuck in youngest (older two under strict silence orders! usually playing with legos or something)
                    -Goof off online and game, and do cub scouts and church volunteer work. Also hunt up worksheets or help for schooling if needed.
                    -Read edjumicational (spelled wrong on purpose) stuff with older two, also they read to me
                    -Some computer time for the older two, or game the youngest can't sit for
                    -youngest usually up, computer if dry (he is only awake potty trained .)
                    -Outside if sunny (art or game or play if not)
                    -Home to make dinner sometimes art or play dough or another worksheet while I do. Sometimes just them playing
                    -eat dinner
                    -Chores/clean up
                    -Family game, or project (or event, like scouts, music, trip to park, ect)
                    -Bedtime routine (teeth, potty, PJS, book, prayer, them reading to daddy)
                    -If I have the energy more work, and then goof off.

                    Yes all I do all day is cook, clean and teach...fortunately I like the teaching games. (and whatever your job you have to clean and cook, so only the teaching is the 'work' part)

                    Summer differs in more pool time, less art or worksheets.


                      Engineering Tech Assistant

                      7:00 a.m. Pick up co-worker and drive to office
                      7:20 a.m. Arrive at office building and head to the gym.
                      7:21 -- Workout, shower, dress for work.
                      8:25 -- Use security card to get into office, put jacket on the hook by the break room, set gym bag on the floor, get huge cup from the dishwasher and fill w/ice water.
                      8:30 -- Settle down at desk - turn computer on and wait for it to warm up.
                      8:32 -- Check email, check for anything interesting.
                      8:40 -- Say hi to Engineering Tech who's just arrived - chat for a little while about what her kids did the night before.
                      8:50 -- Back at desk now. Open up the Seelog program and find the first well log which needs to be printed. Crop it so that none of the repeat sections are in the printable area (Engineering Manager doesn't care for the repeat sections.) Start printing logs.

                      -- While waiting for logs to print --- (depending on whether the president's daughter is at her desk across from you or not) surf the net -- or play around with various spreadsheets to look busy.
                      9:45 -- Engineering Manager calls and asks you to come make copies. He hands you a 600 page book and tells you he wants the whole thing copied double sided. And, of course there are about 50 pull out sheets that will have to be copied individually, then trimmed, then folded into letter size.
                      9:50 -- Put labels on all the logs you printed showing the API's (identifying number). Put them in API order and put them on Engineer's desk. Have Engineer say "Hang on a second. Here, copy this one sheet for me." Go copy that one sheet.
                      9:52 -- Sit down at desk again. Stare at 600 page book wishing it would disappear.
                      9:55 -- Eat your raisins while looking busy messing with a spreadsheet.
                      10:00 -- Land Man brings a letter that he needs typed - says do it whenever you have time. Jump up and say - Sure thing! Open up Word and have it typed up lickety split with a smile on your face.
                      10:15 - Put letter on Land Man's desk for any changes. As you head back to your desk, Engineer calls you to come to his office. He asks you to make a copy of ONE sheet. You do it.
                      10:20 -- Back at your desk. The CPA asst. who sits diagonally from you calls you over to look at new pics of her newest niece. You go over and oooh and ahhh.
                      10:25 -- Different daughter of President comes by and asks if you've seen the latest Lost episode. You of course say Yes! Discussion ensues.
                      10:40 -- Receptionist calls and tells you there's a package up front for you. You go get it.
                      10:41 -- Chat with Receptionist about her latest dog antics.
                      10:50 -- Back at your desk. Open up package. It's the Scout Cards (Sheets of info about wells) that you ordered (by request of Engineer) from the geological library. Sigh because they printed them on legal size paper. Engineer only wants them on letter size paper. Begin removing staples.
                      11:00 -- Take Scout Tickets to back copier. Make sure that each paper is turned opposite directions so when printing double sided they aren't upside down. Do this for all 50 sets of Scout Cards with between 1 -12 pages each. Start copying.
                      11:07 -- Clear paper jam.
                      11:10 - Start copying again.
                      11:11 - Clear paper jam. Swear under your breath.
                      11:13 - Start copying again.
                      11:25 - Back at desk. Land man has placed edited version of letter on your desk. Make the necessary changes. Put letterhead in the front copier. Yell "Letterhead!" Run back to desk and press "Print!" Go to copier and pick up letter. Use signature stamp to "sign" it. Make two copies - one for your files, and one for Land files. Type envelope and put in mail room.
                      11:35 -- Back at desk. Check email - maybe surf the net.
                      11:45 - Give 600 page book a dirty look.
                      11:46 - Engineer calls. You go to his office and he hands you a stack of 15 logs with paperclips showing what sections he wants copied. Says to do them after lunch.
                      11:47 - Back at desk, surfing net.
                      11:51 - Office Manager comes by with a stack of Insurance forms from Vendors and puts them in your inbox - nonchalantly click away from net, look up and say thanks.
                      11:52 - Surf the net.
                      12:00 - LUNCH TIME! Get frozen burrito from freezer, say Hola to the coworker who mainly speaks Spanish (and gets coffee for the big wigs, does some of the more mundane copying jobs for Engineer - general female gofer.)

                      Sit at desk, eat, surf net.

                      1:05 - Oops. Better look busy again.
                      1:06 - Get out headphones for MP3 player and hook up. Take 600 page book and go to machine room copier because you don't want to completely monopolize either of the other two heavily used copier/printers. Realize after 10 pages that you can't use this one for this job because it's doing the streaky line in the middle of the page thing - which Engineer will NOT like.
                      1:15 - Throw your copies away and head to the other side copier.
                      1:45 -- CFO comes out of her office needing to make some copies of checks. You stop what you're doing and let her make her copies.
                      1:50 - Copying again.
                      2:10 - You're being paged over the intercom. You pick up the phone and call to find out that Engineer wants you. Call Engineer and tell him where you are. Get told that he needs you to come make a copy for him.
                      2:12 - Go make ONE copy for him. Get told that he would like me to do the logs now before continuing with the 600 Page book.
                      2:15 -- Copying logs.
                      2:20 -- Clear paper jam.
                      2:21 -- Clear paper jam.
                      2:22 -- Clear paper jam. Barely control oneself from kicking said machine.
                      3:10 -- Bring copies of logs to Engineer.
                      3:12 - Back at desk. Decide you've had enough of the 600 page book for today. Pick up the Insurance forms from your inbox.
                      3:13 -- Looking at the first Insurance form you wonder what company this is because you don't have it listed anywhere on your Insurance spreadsheet.
                      3:15 -- Ask CPA asst. if she recognizes the company name.
                      3:17 -- She doesn't. You add it to the "Other" list.
                      3:30 -- Shipping Manager comes and sits in the comfy chair in front of CPA asst.'s chair. You, the Shipping Manager and the CPA asst. begin discussing the latest episode of Lost.
                      3:45 -- The President walks by. Shipping Manager gets up quickly and is on her way.
                      3:46 -- Geologist brings the latest Staff Meeting Minutes and puts in my inbox for me to revise.
                      3:47 -- Engineer calls me. He gives me a list of API#'s to look up and get Scout Cards for as well as Production. Four of the wells are missing various bits of information, so will take a good bit of research to figure out.
                      4:50 -- Compile Scout Cards and Production.
                      5:10 -- Bring compiled info. to Engineer. Engineer asks me when I can go to the geological library. He needs copies of all available maps for a new area he's looking at. I tell him I can do it tomorrow - it'll be Tuesday, and I won't have my co-worker riding with me.
                      5:15 -- I go around and ask other Engineer and Drilling Manager if they need anything from the geological library.
                      5:19 -- Inform Office Manager I'll be out in the morning at the geological library.
                      5:20 -- Sit at desk and start countdown. Surf net. Maybe chat with CPA asst. about evening plans.
                      5:22 -- Office Manager closes up shop.
                      5:23 -- CPA asst. leaves.
                      5:24 -- CFO is standing in the hallway - he catches a football thrown by the President. Then throws said football back to the President. Repeat.
                      5:27 - Game over.
                      5:27 -- I leave.
                      5:30 -- Arrive at gym for personal training session.
                      6:30 -- Head home - encounter massive traffic where my tollway and another tollway meet.
                      7:20 -- Arrive home.
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                        SAHM (unless I get a call to sub teach) farm wife
                        4:30-poke DH his alarm is going off
                        4:45-poke DH his snooze is going off
                        5:00-poke and kick DH his snooze is going off-start his backrub
                        5:15 DH gets up now-claims never heard snoze, back rub woke him... (his way of getting a free backrub every morning)
                        5:30 DH leaves for work
                        5:31 I go back to bed!!!!
                        8:00 rise but no shine, wake kids
                        8:15 feed and water chickens, cows, horses, rabbits, geese dog, barn cat (if one happens to be there-not ours, they just show up)
                        8:40 eat breakfast. Rule with kids-we don't eat till the animals do as the animals can't get their own
                        9:00 make beds, clean up bedrooms, dust, vacumme, do laundry, sweep kitchen, mop floor if needed.
                        10:00 girls are to each do one hour of reading can be anything decent.
                        11:45 fix and eat lunch. kids are in charge of this for a home ec credit
                        clean up kitchen
                        12:15 start worksheets-math, social studies, language, look up dictionary words. During this time I do bills and am on line
                        2:45 Bible reading
                        3:00 read chapter book together--right now we are reading stories about the Revolutionary War
                        3:20--if all done, book work for school is over, but usually someone has brought up a topic to further investigate or look up and discuss
                        4:00 to 6:00 girls are allowed to watch discovery channel, animal planet, NASA station or view videos from the library. Todays videos are about honey bees and about the constitution. Sometimes though, we sew, knit, crochet or weave. Girls may also get on line

                        At some point during the day I start supper. If its a crockpot dinner, I start it at 9 in the morning. If its a cooking dinner, I start between 6 and 7.

                        7:30 feed and water (again) chickens, ducks, cows, horses, geese, dog and whatever else shows up to eat that is not a coon or coyote.
                        8:15 DH gets home from work
                        8:30 we eat supper
                        9:30 BED for the kids
                        10:30 I wake up on the couch and go to bed

                        If DH is on nights, we change our schedule and eat earlier.

                        We home school 7 days a week.

                        On Sundays, we go to Sunday School and church. On Sundays we do less math and more Bible work and also learn a lot of old geography-they like to look up the places from the Bible and compare the old maps to the new ones,

                        On Tuesdays we volunteer at the food and clothing pantry and go to classes the library has for homeschoolers

                        On Fridays we attend home school coop in the afternoon and take our group classes such as PE, Band, Choir, Spanish, French, Debate, Speech.

                        Saturdays we try and do some field trips--zoo, tour the local dairy, tour the post office. But some Saturdays we have science fairs or quiz meets. (the kids are on teams)

                        Once a month we also have 4h and scouts



                          6:30 - DH up and gets himself off to work
                          8 - I wake up and wake kids up, they eat
                          9 - schoolwork They have to do an hour of reading (oldest has assigned reading, the other two just practice reading whatever they want), an hour of math, a half hour of workbook (grammar/spelling/language arts), and a half hour of the typing program. I do some of my chores and surf the net.
                          12 - lunch/chores
                          1 - work on schoolwork
                          3 - finish up the chores
                          4 - kids go play if they are finished with schoolwork, I go start working on dinner
                          6 - DH home, eat dinner
                          7 - put leftovers away, tv time, surf the net, DH goes out to his shop and plays if he wants to.
                          9 - kids bedtime
                          10:30 - DH bedtime
                          I go to bed when I am tired.

                          On weekends, we just kick back. We get stuff we need to do done, but there is no stress. We also watch a lot of tv on the weekends.


                            6:00 am - wake up, meds, coffee & computer
                            6:30 - wake up DS12, make breakfast, school lunches
                            7:20 - DS12 off to school
                            7:30 - DH off to work
                            7:30 - exercise
                            8:00 - clean house, work from home
                            9:30 - Shower
                            10:15 - DS6 dressed
                            11:00 - DS6 lunch
                            11:30 - DS6 to school
                            12:00 - 2:00 work
                            2:30 - p/u DS6
                            3:00 - snacks, backpack check, homework
                            4:30 - DH home (except Wed)
                            5:00 - prepare dinner
                            5:30 (Tues & Thur) to school/DS6 bath
                            5:30 DS12 - read/clarinet practice
                            6:45 - DS12 karate (Mon/Tues/Fri)
                            7:30 - DS6 bed
                            8:00 - DS12 shower
                            8:30 - Wed - DH home
                            9:30 - DS12 bed
                            10:00 bed