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    I have decided to create my own website, but I need some pointers on how to go about obtaining a domain if anyone has any suggestions or companies I should use please let me know.

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    I would go to a Web Service Provider. There are plenty out there. is one such example. I recommend to Google them and shop around. Usually, they'll also handle the domain registration for you, as well as provide the web space you need along with it. Both services will cost, along with any other bells and whistles.

    You can get started by typing in the desired domain name in their search box and see if that's available. Have fun.
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      do you already have a host? if not, i would suggest ipowerweb or 1and1 for basic starters... both of them offer a domain name with their package (1and1 offers 3 with their next level up and 6.99 per .com after). i used ipowerweb for 5 years without problems and have been using 1and1 for 6 months with no problems either.

      for basic and cheap domains i would suggest godaddy - to me, it seems to be the most userfriendly (i have over 60 domains for various things) and you can always find a discount code at

      just make sure you dont let yourself getting suckered into paying over $10 for a .com! i remember my first domain ever (1999) cost 30$ per year. those prices have gone the way of the dinosaurs.... pretty much all domain registrants worth a bean offers domains for under $9.99.

      godaddy's even comes with a free pop email account. so again, they're my favorite all around.


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        We have our own dedicated sever, but we buy our domain names at


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          I use GoDaddy for my site. I think it's as user friendly as something like this can get. That's great for newbies!


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            I use netfirms for all my client's websites. I can usually find a coupon for something like $10 for the first year for hosting and 2 free domain names. The hosting is a little slow sometimes, but for the average user, they wouldn't notice.


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              Bump for; low-cost, good service, easy to use - that's tough to beat.

              Thumbs-down for GoDaddy and their constant bombardment of "additional services" (ads) that they hit customers with at virtually every turn. Annoying.


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                Thanks guys for all your help. I have one more question if I am creating a website with a certain name should I also get a incorporated incase it takes off, my idea is geared towards health care


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                  I don't think you should invest money getting incorporated first, your money would be better used towards developing the website. If you want your website to take off, you'll either need to learn html, php, or a .NET language really fast or dump money into the site to have a developer create your site. If you launch a site and people don't like it, they'll never visit it again. A lot of thought goes into websites to measure usability and aesthetics as well as gather a lot of knowledge that people want.


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                    thanks project