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    Who do you support?

    I was thinking about this today as I made my first ever contribution to National Public Radio...what causes do you support and why?
    (I think this would be interesting to see what great causes are out there and what inspires people to give to them, so please no criticizing if someone lists a cause you disagree with!)

    I give to National Public Radio because I listen to them everyday and find them to be a great source of "less biased" (is there such a thing as unbiased?) news, as well as entertaining stories and shows. Since public radio is dependent on listener support, I thought I would do my part.
    I give to the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation and Planned Parenthood through paycheck deductions at my job. I have a cousin who is severely affected by MS, and I know quite a few others battling the disease. I give to Planned Parenthood because I support their efforts in education and prevention of unplanned pregnancies.

    I give to:

    the public television station in my state.
    (I don't have cable or dish so public television is all I've got for 'good' TV)

    the jazz station affiliated with a local community college

    the public radio station in my state (there are several stations)

    Planned Parenthood


    United Way


      I prefer to keep the money "local". I give to the local church, local charities, food bank, etc. I really think if more people supported things in their own backyard that the money would go alot further. I really just don't trust the Big Nationals organizations. But, I have given donations to American Heart and American Cancer Society in the name of deceased people in lieu of flowers, etc.
      Also, I just recently sent $25 to the university I attended. ( my alma mater).


        Let's see...

        We give to WHYY, the local PBS station. We started doing this when DD was a toddler and got hours of entertainment from them and we've just continued to do so even though we honestly don't watch it much anymore.

        I give to my undergraduate college every year. I choose not to support my med school because I had a lot of issues with them during my time there.

        We donate used clothing and household items to Goodwill and Purple Heart Veterans.

        We donate to the Jewish Federation of Southern New Jersey each year.

        The bulk of our remaining charity goes to our synagogue in the form of our membership dues, building fund committment, high holiday pledge and periodic donations throughout the year (such as a memorial donation when someone dies, a donation in honor of a wedding, etc.) and through our attendance at ticketed events.

        * Despite the high cost of living, it remains very popular.
        * Why should I pay for my daughter's education when she already knows everything?
        * There are no shortcuts to anywhere worth going.


          Our church, Feed the Children, ASPCA and Northeast Animal Shelter


            I try to pick out local people, down on their luck, to help out. I am currently helping a orphaned teenage girl who is a very hard worker.


              My alma mater, every year: I got major financial assistance through school, so I owe them big time! Besides, I think it's a great school. [They are even remembered in my will.]

              United Animal Nations, every year: I'm passionate about animals, and I love the fact that they are volunteer-driven. [They are also remembered in my will.]

              Mercy Corps, almost every year: I used to give to the Red Cross, but I now prefer Mercy Corps.

              NPR, every year: Great music, good source of information, listen to them almost daily

              PBS, every couple of years: Good programming, and some of the incentives during the pledge drives are interesting.

              Household items & Clothes: Salvation Army (I learned my lesson the hard way about dropping off items at the nearest drop box. The one nearest my house is for a for-profit business! Now I make sure to call SA for a pickup.)

              ***If anyone is interested in a particular charity but would like to get some unbiased information on them, you can check out Charity Navigator: Charity Navigator - America's Largest Charity Evaluator It will tell you, among other things, how much of the money you donate actually goes to the programs and how much is spent on administrative costs or fundraising.***
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                I support animal related charities for the most part. My passion is animal welfare, so I try and support those groups.

                Another forum I post on posts about various animal shelters around the country in need (ie one was destroyed by fire), and whenever one of those pops up, I will usually give some to them to help them out. I do support the national organizations for animal welfare (except PETA) but I'd rather help out on the local level first.

                I've also donated to various causes from time to time, often as a gift for someone who would appreciate it.

                My main thing with charity giving is that I don't like to put all my eggs in 1 basket....... I'd rather give 4 charities $25 each than one charity $100.


                  Public t.v. - that's my dh cause - he is a tv/film fiend

                  For me it is mostly animals - local animal shelter and also local wildlife rehabbers. I used to volunteer but don't feel like I can with 2 small kids and all the diseases spread by the wild animals so I give money instead now.

                  Library - because of my love for books

                  Diabetes research - know too many loved ones with diabetes

                  Goodwill - because its convenient mostly - not a real reason why - tons of stuff to goodwill every year

                  Oh & Children's crisis Nurseries - I have a friend who did a drive for them every year and they just need so much stuff we have on hand anyway I try to drop off stuff once a year.

                  I give a lot through freecycle too. It is not a charity and I know not everyone is genuine, but I have met some very sweet, seemingly genuine people who seemed pretty down on their luck and grateful to take the things I'd be throwing away anyway. Generally the stuff goodwill won't take.

                  I almost forgot the troops!
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                    Don't forget non-monetary support. I spend hours and hours of volunteer time at my synagogue. I'm on the board of trustees - currently the adult education chairperson and will be taking over as library chairperson in July. I also help at various activites run by the synagogue.

                    * Despite the high cost of living, it remains very popular.
                    * Why should I pay for my daughter's education when she already knows everything?
                    * There are no shortcuts to anywhere worth going.


                      Salvation Army
                      Samaritan's Purse
                      Local Christian Broadcasting


                        Angel Tree, Pit Bull Rescue Central, local pet shelter, ACLU, Hispanic college fund, MALDEF (Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund), Susan G. Komen foundation...


                          I don't understand why PBS needs to collect money. They show Sesame Street, Barney, etc. Those shows are taking in millions and millions just from merchandising. They should paying PBS themselves to be on the air.


                            PBS, United Way, Canadian Cancer Society. I give our used clothing/shoes to Big Brothers and Big Sisters (unless the Canadian Diabetes phones me first, lol). Basically for donating clothing, it's whoever gets to me when I have a bunch to unload. Usually the Big Brothers/Sisters comes around the most.


                              Narcotics Anonymous

                              Doctors Without Borders

                              American Red Cross