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Educational materials (besides youtube freebies) for algebra/math 11

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  • Educational materials (besides youtube freebies) for algebra/math 11

    Hello everyone,

    I am looking for recommendations on online math materials or tutoring for my son who is in 11th grade.
    We have been using StudyPug for a while, and they have some amazing material over there for free besides their paying programs, but we are wondering what else is out there where my son could do practice tests or similar.

    Any recommendation besides just going through YouTube trying to find an algebra tutor, or algebra help in general?

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    I tutor and recommend Khan Academy for math. For test type practice, is he already using IXL? Many schools use it. They have lots of well organized free material (last I looked) but also subscriptions.
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      Oh thanks!!! I already check them out, yeah they are free!!