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how to get 1000 mypoints and make $1 or just make a $1

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    how to get 1000 mypoints and make $1 or just make a $1

    get 1000 mypoints and make $1 freeee!
    how to get 1000 mypoints and make $1

    If you got the mypoints email for GLADE EXPRESSIONS $1 coupon. I bought the refill for $2.98 - $1 = 1.98 plus tax.

    You can buy it at walmart and get the 1000 points. Then without a receipt go to the return desk and return it and they will give you

    cash of 2.98 plus tax. So, you make a dollar plus tax! No id required for returns under $10 value.

    no mypoints account? use a coupon link on samples at walmart.

    tisk tisk

    this is a wee bit dishonest.


      Sad to say it is not dishonest. Folks have standards they think everyone should apply that are not valid in a business. This is an institutional or socialist teaching. See the movie AGENDA..
      The trailer: What is happening to our country and how did it happen?
      see this: Trailer | Agenda: Grinding America Down (Documentary DVD)

      What is our national mission as a citizen of the United States Of America?

      So, I am applying the rules of the store and coupon correctly. You appear to be dupped by the agenda of socialists leading to communism.


        Note that no coupon rules violated. Note that no store rules are violated.