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Coupon Train Sign-Up

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    i want to join a train. i could even start one or two if need be. lmk. thanks.


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      train sign up

      I would love to join this coupon trade. Many hours is what I spend on coupons samples etc. I have much to offer and hope to get some helpful items along the way. 3625 nw 25th topeka kansas 66618 Jennifer Merritt. Wish list include food(walmart) baby items household cleaning cooking thank you so much and I look forward to contributing to what I consider is the best idea in the world


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        I'd start a coupon train if I could get 4 more riders.....


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          I would love to join train

          I would love to join a coupon train I am new to the whole actually saving money lol would love help


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            As I said previously I'm interested in joining a coupon train. I'm in North Carolina. I have 2 daughters but discussing a new addition and we have a 5 dogs & 1 cat. I am a stockpiler in training and I tend to buy 5 local papers each week for the coupons and I have a lot of really good coupons that get wasted. Especially THE BABY STUFF! I also subscribe All You magazine for coupons.
            I need/would especially be interested in Tide, Marlboro (can't get husband to quit)and Pepsi/Lays

            Coupons I can clip and pass on would be the grocery, pets, and baby products and any Health and beauty brands I don't use. Since I get 5 papers I tend to have multiples of each coupon as well.


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              I would like to join a train, I'm in Central Coast California.


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                new to the coupon train but not new to couponing

                Originally posted by jeffrey View Post
                Coupon Train Changes Initiated By Jeffrey: When a good thing begins, sometimes it becomes so popular that its popularity endangers its existence. This is a place we have arrived with Flash's coupon trains and all the wonderful members that have taken trains over and are currently leading them. They have become so popular and there are so many new people wanting to get in that its endangering the entire train system that we have built here. Those that are on trains and know how wonderful they are have been telling their friends which want to get in on the trains and has overwhelmed our current coupon train system

                While Flash wants to help as many as possible and include them on the trains, I've made a decision that we will slow down the train process to ensure that it grows soundly and steadily rather than quickly without regard to the quality of the coupon trains. While this means that many new members will have to wait a bit before being able to get on a coupon train, I can guarantee that the wait will be well worth the time.

                Since the number of coupon train openings will be much less than they have been in the past, from now on, those that are active and contributing members of this site will get priority over all others when new positions open in trains. While there is not a set standard for active and contributing, being a member of the 100 post club or having a blog on the site that is regularly updated are a couple of examples of what I would consider an active member.

                Not being an active member will not exclude you from being placed on coupon trains, but you will likely have a much longer wait. That is because the trains will be grown slowly with probably only a couple positions becoming available each month and priority for those positions will go to those that are active.

                Being an active member also gives us here a chance to meet you and for everyone to get to know you. I feel this is an important aspect in keeping the trains as high quality as they are. I'm sure that some of you will have questions about this policy. Feel free to email me directly at or leave a comment here and I will try to answer and questions or concerns you may have.

                We look forward to keeping the coupon trains at savingadvice as some of the best on the Internet.


                Note: If you are a former DAGG member, please Private Message Flash directly with your trader rating
                i live in az and would love to join a train. i get all kinds of coupons and use all kinds of coupons especially pet food is a big one


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                  I am new to this but would love to learn! Can I get in on a coupon train?

                  Also I am military so I can use expired grocery coupons as long as they are less than 6 mos past their due date

                  I am in WA state



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                    I'm interested in joining a train for the Northeast (I'm located in Western NY). Thanks!


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                      Join the coupon Train

                      I would love to join the train too! I'm brand new to this, so please help me on what I need to do. I live in Kansas City, MO.


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                        I would, too, also love to a train. I live in Flint, MI and my mom and I both print off plenty of coupons and we both get two Sunday papers each. Unfortunately many just sit in our coupon books because we just use a few. I need many different types of coupons right now, because my fiance' and I are moving. I don't use the baby coupons, but I still usually print them out.


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                          coupon train sign-up

                          Hi I'm in Ohio northwest portion of the state. I have saved 50% on my grocery bill so far would love to increase that number I'm new to couponing and have really enjoyed it so far . Would like to learn more, speak to other couponers, and join a coupon train. I have a lot of coupons and come across a lot. My husband works for the local news paper and brings me home a paper and I buy 5 extra from other publications Columbus, Toledo and ours. I can trade diapers, dog and cat food and some makeup and hair care products.


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                            Count me in!

                            I would like to join! I am in FL and I'm sure there are some coupons I don't have a use for that others do and vice versa.


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                              I'd like to join as well. I'm in Aiken,SC. I'm looking for toiletries, frozen foods, kids "snack" foods and laundry items (I'm not brand loyal)!!


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                                Coupon Train

                                Would love to Jump Aboard, I am new to this whole thing and Have a ton of extras! Sign me up!!!!!!!!