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coupon train waiting list

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    Re: coupon train waiting list

    cool, well, I wasn't sure and I didn't want to assume.

    Thanks so much!!!! I can't wait. LMK when you get moved into your new place and I'll send you some coupons there. -L


      Re: coupon train waiting list

      Do you know about Walgreen's Purex sale? Free Crest (MIR)?Energizer?
      Take Care. GarthBath1, Where are you. Havent heard from you for such a long time!


        Re: coupon train waiting list

        Originally posted by jeffrey
        Coupon trains are now closed to all new members unless you are part of the 100 post club or have a savingadvice blog that has 100 posts. If you meet these criteria and would like to be on a coupon train, please <a href="">email me</a> (not flash). This is an executive decision on my part and any complaints about it should be directed to me.

        We are a personal finance / money saving site and not primarily a coupon site. We are here to help all the members here, but those that take the time to contribute by posting and sharing their finances with others also deserve rewards for their time and effort. I am turning the coupon trains into one of those rewards.

        Anyone that has spent even a short amount of time on this site knows the time and effort Flash has put into helping others with learning how to reduce their grocery bills and the coupon trains. If you have ever seen one of her coupon trains, you know tha they are loaded with wonderful coupons that most would keep for themselves. Since these trains have become so popular and there are far more people wanting to get on them than there are available spaces, we needed to find a way to limit them. My decision is to limit them to those that actively participate on the site.

        I realize that this decision will upset some people, but it was either limit the coupon trains or abolish them completely due to the time they were taking and of those two choices, this was the best option. With the limiting of the trains, we will start of offer more contests and fun activities where people can win coupon packs...these are ideas that we are still developing, but we hope will give many others who don't want the responsibility of a coupon train the opportunity to get quality money saving coupons in other ways.

        Feel free to comment here or email me if you have opinions you'd like to express. We hope that these changes will continue to provide the best coupon trains on the Internet while also giving other options for people to get valuable coupons.

        Jeffrey Strain
        Jeffrey - The Pacific Train has openings, if anyone emails you from the West coast area.


          Canadian trains?

          If there are any trains considered north of the border, I'm in Toronto, Ontario and would be interested in joining one.


            Please add me to the coupon train. I am in IL


              All Aboard?

              I am looking to join the waiting list for a coupon train.

              I live in the Southeastern Central US, Tennessee, near the North Carolina and Virginia border.

              Any info is appreciated.


                Me too please


                  I would love to be involved in a train! I am in NC. Put me on the waiting list! Thanks!