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List of Brokerages Offering "Free To Sign Up Stocks"

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    List of Brokerages Offering "Free To Sign Up Stocks"

    SA Community,

    There are a number of online brokerages that are offering free shares of stock as an incentive for signing up.

    These offers make sense for people who are looking to pick up some free stock. They are probably less useful if you already have a ton of stock, or don't feel that getting an additional $40 to $50 makes good use of your time.

    The companies in this list have been screened for the following:

    1. They're all US based, and in FINRA and SEC systems.

    2. The offers are legitimate - you actually get your stock without having to buy anything or actually use the brokerage accounts.

    3. They don't require funding your account (a couple do, but you can transfer $1)

    4. The don't charge monthly fees or trading commissions (some do, but for more complicated products like options or for margin loans).

    Most will let you handle fractional shares.

    Why would a company do this?

    They want to gain marketshare, build their user base or get more attention, and have decided that getting users to sign up is the best bet. They're hoping you'll move your assets into their system if they give you a free share.

    The List

    1. Robinhood.

    Everyone knows about Robinhood. They're an up and coming online broker. Their offer is you sign up and you get a free share of stock worth between $3 and $225. The economics of it are that they're mostly giving away shares of companies under $10 (98% chance). To get the bonus you'll need to sing up using a promo, so

    So, you can check the SA forums referral link sharing, go with the SA forums link (here) or get a link from a friend.

    2. is a brokerage out of New York. They got started in the 1980s. Initially the company served the Chinese-American community in NY, but they've recently expanded to target a more US national market. The company had some issues with the FINRA due to poor documentation in the 1990s, but has more recently had a clean bill of health.

    Their current offer is, if you sign up, you'll get two free shares of stock. The chances of getting a blue chip is something like 1 in 100, so you'll likely get something worth around $10. It takes about 7 to 10 days for the stock to show up in your account.

    The Firstrade sign up link is => here.


    Public is a Robinhood competitor. Public's claim to fame is that they're a combination of social network and trading platform. They're currently funded by a large pool of venture capital.

    When you sign up, Public offers you a free stock "slice", this is basically a fractional share of a share of stock. How it works is you download their app and sign up. They ask you a lot of standard questions, (your social security number, dob, etc.) and then as part of the process you're asked to select which company you want a slice of, and you're asked to find your account (transfer $1). You get your stock immediately after you complete the application.

    Public doesn't have a whole lot of choices for non-stock investors, its mostly for people who just want common stock.

    Their sign up link is here.

    How You Can Make Money Doing This?

    In most cases, these companies will let you refer friends and family in return for stock. Generally speaking, if you refer someone, you get a share of stock and your friend does as well. So if you have a spouse, you can double the offer.

    Honorable Mention: Webull. Webull is another online brokerage. How their system works is you sign up, and you'll get one share of stock valued at between $2.50 and $250. Deposit another $100 and you'll get stock between $8 and $1,600.

    Their sign up link is => here.
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