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Mystery shopper warning notes. SCAM

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    Mystery shopper warning notes. SCAM

    Mystery shopper warning notes. SCAM
    I wanted to let everyone know that the mystery shopper from any store is a scam to rip you off.
    Very important to read this all the way thru!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The first thing they do is get your address and name. Then they send you a cashier's check with a letter and email you.
    (The cashier's check will not clear) If the banker tells you it has cleared and the cash is available I would have a witness and get a signed note from your banker.
    The bank may tell you that you have the cash available or it is cleared when it has not cleared. You must not proceed or you will lose and if you do not it will be a battle to get your money back.. I will go over this also.

    The next thing they have you do is to purchase green dot or some other cards at walmart or another store and have you do a survey for them of the purchase.
    They will ask you for the numbers on the back of the card.
    If you have sent them you need to do this immmediately: Call the number on the back of the card and say you want to know the balance. If they ask you did you give the numbers to anyone.. say no (even if you did). Then say you got some popup messages and you had to shut down your computer and youbelieve that someone may have gotten into your computer/email and you store the scan of these cards there.
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!If you say you gave them to someone they will not help you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you did say this... then hang up and call back again... then say no to the question... If they refer to a prior call say that was a different card number.

    What this now does is they will not stop the funds if possible from being moved anywhere and work on identifying the person.

    If your bank said the funds were cleared and you are still in the process... Have a friend or two go back to the bank and listen at a distance to your conversation asking the banker if the Cashier's check for the amount of $$$ and the date you deposited it has cleared and if the cash is available. They will say the same as before. Next close the bank account and take out all of your money and tell the banker you believe someone has been tampering with your account (online or has a statement of yours). Put the money somewhere else (another bank).

    Have your witness(s) from the bank withdrawal sign statements as to what was said you type up or have them write.

    Go to your local police station and make a report with all the documentation you have from this scam.

    The only one I know of is Chase with the sign up of a new account for $125 that comes in the junk mail periodically.


      I didn'tknow they did this! Thanks Ill be looking


        Thanks for the info.


          I have no idea about this. Thanks a lot for sharing such an useful post.