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Dora the Explorer Potty Training Chart & Stickers

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    Dora the Explorer Potty Training Chart & Stickers

    FREE Dora the Explorer PRINTABLE Potty Training Charts

    One of the potty training methods is to potty train with charts.

    The idea behind using charts is to not only reward you child with stickers, but you can provide a visual reinforcement of your toddler's progress to her, by hanging the potty chart where she can see it

    If your toddler loves Dora the Explorer, then you child will simple love these potty training charts and stickers. We have them in color or in black and white.

    You can print the potty charts and use them as they are, or you can get them laminated to use over and over again. Or you can just purchase some potty training charts.

    You can print out the stickers and make your own glue or stick them using double sided tape.

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