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$500 Survey for Parents with Premature Babies-*Must Qualify*

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    $500 Survey for Parents with Premature Babies-*Must Qualify*

    Parents of Pre-Mature Babies Survey (QCL) Survey
    Hi, thank you for your interest in our research study.
    We are looking to speak with parents of recently born premature babies.
    We are conducting research focusing on issues and challenges facing parents with premature babies and more specifically, we are interested in understanding how this situation and the child’s care may affect your day-to-day lives. Please let me reassure you that any information you provide will be treated with absolute confidentiality. We are not involved in any sales or promotional activity but only want to understand your experiences so that we can better inform the companies that are involved in the care of premature babies, regarding:
    • what it is like for parents dealing with the many issues that come with giving birth to a preemie
    • feelings and concerns about their preemie’s medical care
    • which sources of information parents use to gain information about the premature babies and
    their care
    Thank you for taking the time to fill out our survey.
    We will contact you if you appear to qualify for this particular study.

    My name is Cody Wood and I'm a college student at the University of Tennessee at Martin and I'm doing my senior project on this same topic and I was just trying to get a hold of the author of this survey so that maybe she could share some info with me that she got during her survey to help me come up with my own. i would appreciate any and all help. Thanks.