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Stubborn close-minded people, slight rant

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    Thanks for all the insights. This person appears to be very happy with very limited amount of exposure to what a bulk of the population finds fulfilling: food, music, art, travel, cultures, different literary genres, new ideas, movies, etc. To set the record straight, I am completely OK with that! It's not my life, and the world isn't going to end if this person doesn't change, and I'm not going to get some award if I do manage to influence.

    At the same time, I do feel this person is leaving a lot on the table as far as personal growth and connection with the world, which really shows in social gatherings (which are largely avoided anyway).


      My mother is like this; it drives me nuts. Some of her quotes, "I hate Florida" "I hate Yoga" "I do NOT like candles". I love Florida and I explained to her that there are lots of different types of areas in the state, she had only been to Orlando really when she was making this statement (repeatedly). Well, she visited a friend in Venice Beach and guess what- she owns a condo in Florida now. So annoying.