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    I forgot to include my Garmin Fenix 6. It's a fairly costly fitness tracker - but certainly the best I've ever used. I use it for a number of fitness activities (running, cycling, weight lifting, elliptical training) as well as golf. Very impressed with the unit and I don't believe I've even used its full functionality.


      Bought this year? All clad pots and pans to replace my calphalon. Love it and my calphalons were 15 years old.

      Breveille smart toaster oven. Love it. Love it for bread proof. Love it for fast broil, bake, or something small. I just got it on black friday deal $400 regular price, $320 on sale and 20% off extra so $279 and $50 next spend. We use it daily. Love it. only problem is how large it is and how hard it is to fit.

      Crock pot - I don't have a slow cooker but still use and love mine.

      Dutch oven - love my 6 qt le creuset. Just bought a 10" skillet and it's great as well.

      I just picked up for $120 a new food processor/blender/juicer from cuisinart from BBB. Cannot wait! So excited. I have been borrowing my neighbors and my 3 cup just broke but now I have a 8 cup and I bought a 1 cup chopper. Can't wait.

      DH got a new shop vac and it works great. I replaced my dyson handheld after 15 years and it's AWESOME still. I have the newest design. I also bought a roomba last month for $199. It's okay. It helps me not vaccuum 2x/day. However I found it's not easy to use. I have to pick up so much stuff all the time I'm not sure it's a huge time saver. I find it faster to use my dyson. But it helps a little.

      Traegar bought 5.5 years ago and DH still loves it. his weber grill attached to natural gas to house. Love both of them.

      Wheeled cart from Costco $50. bought 3 years ago and love it. Wish I had gotten it earlier but i bought it when I got rid of the red flyer wagon my kids used to love. This thing is the BEST. Use it to carry stuff to neighbors and beach, etc. folds up and I've loaned it out.
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        This little thing has been one of the most handy tools that I have had during the remodel of our cabin



          Originally posted by bjl584 View Post

          This little thing has been one of the most handy tools that I have had during the remodel of our cabin
          Agreed! That oscillating tool was the main reason I finally switched over to Dewalt 20v from 18v. Such a life saver around the house for all my projects. I discovered it from a friend while using to cut out a full shower during a demo.
          "I'd buy that for a dollar!"