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Are we in a Civil War?

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      As I stated 3 months ago, the current situation is not even remotely a civil war, and to characterize it as such is a disservice to the people voicing their legitimate concerns. We are seeing civil unrest & uprising against perceived & actual inequities in some of our nation's largest cities, mostly featuring only protests, most of which are peaceful/non-violent (yes, with limited but notable exceptions). But outside of those large, dense urban areas, there is nothing to indicate any sort of chaos, "civil war," or even disquiet. Life is moving on as normal as is possible while still under pandemic conditions. I understand that it may seem romantic & dramatic to label as "civil war" the 1-2 dozen cities with significant protests ongoing which are failing to address their systemic issues, or our nation failing to help in doing so. But by labeling it as such gives protesters the label of "rebels" and "revolutionaries" seeking to overthrow the structure of our nation. Not the case -- they're seeking equity & fair treatment. But that's how such a label misconstrues the facts of what going on, and disguises legitimacy as contemptible revolution to be crushed.

      Look at the countries with actual, ongoing civil wars (some ongoing for decades). Civil war demolishes a nation from within. Life ceases to continue with any sense of normalcy. Yemen is a prime example. It has been in civil war since 2015, and had become totally impoverished, with disease, death, violence, and chaos literally on every street corner. In fact, nearly all of the world's most impoverished nations are actively or recently in civil war. Anyone who takes a step back from the emotions of our situation to look at it objectively & academically can only see that we're nowhere remotely approaching any level of "civil war" in our country.
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