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    Obama or McCain

    The sites below are filed with statements and voting records.

    Barack Obama on the Issues

    John McCain on the Issues
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    My choice would be neither.


      Lol you can always tell when it is election year by the emails you get. I got an email saying McCain

      Wants to stay in Iraq for the next 100 years.
      Is in favor of launching a new war in Iran using the reimplemented draft policy.
      Plans to increase the national debt by 10,000%.
      Lowers taxes for everyone across the board but at the same time not decrease spending (just adding it to national debt).

      Both these emails are stupid and scare tatics by each side.
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        I am not happy with either. McCain is far from being good, but he is light years ahead of B. Hussein Obama.

        I would love to vote for the Libertarian candidate, Bob Barr. However, that would basically cause Obama to win. It would be just like Clinton beating Bush because Perot took too many votes from Bush.


          Uh we go!

          I would like McCain.


            Obama, for the win.


              Originally posted by sweeps View Post
              Obama, for the win.
              Sir, you are smoking crack.


                LOL. Sorry, but the last thing this country needs is a 3rd Bush term. Yikes.


                  OK, I'm a bit disappointed in this thread. Come on people, using emails which everyone knows is partisan on both sides. I figured that this discussion would come, but thought it would be a little more mature from the people here. If we are going to discuss these two, let's use facts comparing the two from non partisan sources to compare and not emails. Can we at least agree on that?

                  Obama and McCain Tax Proposals

                  Obama and McCain Tax Proposals -

                  If you're going to throw out statements that one of the candidates supports something, link it to a news article or fact check since so much of what goes around is pure crap on both sides.

                  maat55 -- please provide links to all those claims you made about Obama
                  rooskers -- please do the same with claims about McCain

                  We would't tolerate someone throwing out statements like this about personal finances without backing so I think we should do the same with the discussion here - just my humble opinion.
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                      terry1156 you missed my posts whole point. Sorry if I wasn't clearer.

                      These emails are stupid scare tatics by each side.

                      I fully agree with you that factual information should be provided and not just "guess what guys according to this email Obama/McCain are going to do this". I put the email I received about McCain to contrast that of Obama to show how stupid both of them are.

                      My opinion is actually I like certain qualities and ideas from both Obama and McCain. The problem is, as usual, on other issues I don't like either of their stances. I continue as many people do to try and sift through all the crap to find out what the candidate really stands for. Not always easy however with all those "emails".


                        Oh boy...

                        It's just scary to me what people believe because "the e-mail said so."

                        Thank you Terry for adding some intelligence to this thread.

                        Carry on...


                          I don't like either of them


                            I have to agree with Terry. When is the last time you got an email about financial information that you instantly took as the truth and passed it around to everyone? Shouldn't we all look at political emails (or any email for that matter) with the same scrutiny? Whenever I get an email telling me something, my first stop is Urban Legends Reference Pages - if it's political it's

                            If you have a political preference, fine. But don't go spreading around the lies to do it. It's a shame that the political process has come to this and people think that is a better way of convincing people than the truth.


                              Well I would have to imagine that email is complete and utter BS.

                              However Obama is wanting to give every family in the USA $1000 "Energy Rebate" that he would fund by taxing "Big Oil".

                              When I heard this it made me so angry I almost got sick. He is really saying "Vote for me and I will give you $1000!!" and if you read between the lines, he is saying "I want to make your money worthless ( aka inflation)" How $#(%* is that!

                              I am not the most economicly or politically minded person, but I believe this country has severally over extended itself. I think he needs to talk about fixing the economy, not buying votes.