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  • disneysteve
    Welcome, Curt.

    In order to help, we'd need more info on your income and other expenses. There are really only 2 ways to go, and you really want to do both. One is to trim expenses as much as possible to free up money that can go toward debt repayment. Two is to increase income and use the extra money for debt repayment.

    How much do you earn?
    Other than your credit card payments, what does the rest of your budget look like?

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  • Curt6887
    started a topic Need some help / advice?

    Need some help / advice?

    So up until 2 years ago I had been spending like crazy and living above my means. I'm now in the situation of repairing that. I have one credit card thru navy federal with almost 16k on it (300ish min payment monthly). I also have a walmart CC with 3500 on it (135$ monthly minimum) and I have a amazon card with 500 on lit (25$ minimum monthly). My problem is just paying the minumum payments I barely have enough at the end of the month to put any more on there. I haven't tried doing any to consolidate and don't know much about it but my main goal right now is to try to crunch these minimum payments down so I can have more to spend on what I need and also put more on the debt and at the same time I really need to buckle down and stop spending so much. Any advice would be appreciated!