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Couple Has $232,000 In Debt...Wow.

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    Easier said than done. Often times it's hard to change. Sometimes you just have to change and hope the changes show the other person the way. Otherwise well you may have a bigger problem.
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      I can't imagine having such high CC amounts...we have 1 for emergencies and it's just over $5,000 I freak if we use that...I think the issue with this is that they are not on the same page, they took out a loan to pay off the CC and then the hubby used them again...I would have cut them's hard when 1 is doing it and the other isn't, we don't know what their income is but I wouldn't think doing doordash makes enoough monry to even cover the car payments...I would have bought a much cheaper car to do that...I didn't think the military would allow that much debt these days...I could be wrong...I hope they get on top of it and start getting rid of their was higher it says they have paid of 21% of their debt I wish them all the best...will take a long time...but that would almost buy them a home..good luck to them