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$27K loan we now need to pay back

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    Originally posted by snafu View Post
    If the paint has already begun to chip, I hope you'll insist the painter return and fix the problem. Either the surface was not properly prepared or he used a poor quality paint with insufficient titanium. If he declines, I'd counter with every electronic means beginning with local FB, BBB, and make sure he understands that dissatisfied customers tell everyone who will listen about their ghastly experience.

    I know a clever painter can replicate a wood 'look' withow. the right color of undercoat and a 'rocker' tool. It's popular to have painted lower cabinets and different upper cabinets just now
    No, we kicked him out and fired him and it was a nightmare, he wouldn't leave our property, harassed us. I really should have called the police.

    I don't want him anywhere near us.

    He can't do it right. We told him exactly how to do it and he didn't. Then we asked him to fix it. Twice. Both times he made it worse than it was before.