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Share your stories on climbing out of debt

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    Share your stories on climbing out of debt

    or even poverty to help inspire others.
    Kill the debt, before it kills you!

    There are a number of different options for you to help reduce the level of debt you have:

    Create a secondary source of income - this could be freelancing some sort of skill on the side or teaching others about a skill you have

    Negotiate with your creditors to try to obtain a lower interest rate - there are many 0% interest credit cards out there that you could use to pay off your existing debts, and your bank knows that.

    Pay off debt with the highest interest first - this one is pretty obvious

    Try to consolidate your debt - rather than paying 2 or more creditors and being charged interest on the balances separately, negotiate with your bank or another institution to see if you can bring them all together and make one easy payment.

    Start taking responsibility for your own financial situation - tracking your spending and starting to slash your discretionary spending will be a crucial step in getting out of debt

    If you have more than one credit card, as you pay them off cancel them!

    Good luck!