How to Get Out of Your Financial Situation

Youíre sitting there with a stack full of bills, the utilities are about to be shut off next week, youíre running out of money for food and you have no idea how long itís going to take for you to get some more $$$ in. Sound familiar? Iíve been there way too many times to count and if experience has taught me anything, itís that somehow you will make it through and there will be a solution that you havenít thought of yet. So donít stress out!! You will find that things have a way of working themselves out (maybe your Aunt that you didnít know existed will lend you some money, or maybe you get offered a job out of the blue, etc.). Itís important to keep positive and not let current circumstances stress you out ó when youíre stressed you donít think straight anyway. Take it day by day, keep focused on your goals, then fast forward 2 months from now and youíll see that everything turned out just fine.

Now lets focus on digging you out of this financial hole for the long term. Whatever put you in this situation isnít working, so you need to really re-evaluate your life and think of a different strategy. My Husband and I were spoiled by the great Real Estate market before 2008, where we made a ton of money. When the big crash hit, we were so not prepared and pretty much lost everything. At that point we should have changed our game plan. Instead, we kept our entrepreneurial lifestyle and tried to make Real Estate work. It did to a certain extent, but we could have avoided so many major financial problems had we done things differently. So here are some steps to think about:

Step 1: Think about how you can change your game plan so that this situation doesnít happen again. For us it was getting a steady job and doing Real Estate on the side, until Real Estate started producing a reliable income again.

Step 2: Having the right mindset is key! If youíre only focused on your problems, youíve already shot yourself in the foot before youíve started. Instead, focus on what you want. Once you know what you want, the solutions will come to you in their own time. Youíll find that youíll notice things around you differently (now all of a sudden youíll see opportunities in places that were never there before). The reason for this is simple. If youíre focused on your problems, the things that you donít have , the things that youíre afraid of loosing, etc. youíre in a mental state where you arenít able to see or think of creative, positive solutions. Once you change your mindset, youíll be amazed at how solutions will come your way, some of which were there staring you right in the face all along. Have confidence in yourself. Know your abilities. Donít be afraid of change. Donít be afraid of loosing things. Everything that you have now is because of your awesome abilities. And you can create new, wonderful opportunities with those same abilities. Donít undervalue yourself. There is no situation that you canít get out of. Even if everyone is telling you that it is impossible, even if everyone has the same negative mindset. Your winning personality and positive attitude will set you a part from everyone else. And as I said before, donít stress out about your current circumstances. These things have a way of working themselves out if you focus on the positive. *Donít let yourself get caught up in problems. In life there will always be problems. You just have to change the way you think about them, so that they no longer affect you. Then you are in control, not your problemsÖand at that point your mind will be free to focus on the things that are truly important in your life, like your family, friends, and your exciting future.

Step 3: Now itís time to get organized. Know when your bills are due and pay them first, no matter how tempting it is to buy other things.

Step 4: Itís time to get frugal and live within your means. No, you donít really need those new pair of shoes. Find happiness within yourself, instead of turning to outside instant gratifying things.

Step 5: Be happy with the process. The right kind of change takes time. Take joy in the small strides that you make daily and know that these small strides will eventually become life long good habits, that will replace your old life and create the new life that youíve always wanted.

Step 6: Making mistakes is normal and a part of the process. Youíre not going to get it right the first time, so do donít waste your energy getting upset about it . Be proud of your accomplishments so far. Your shift in mindset and all those other little steps that youíve taken have already made a bigger difference than you think. Keep it up and keep moving forward!

You can do it! <3

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