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    She is very religious
    I realize that a comment like that means many different things to many people but to me it means that she would NOT be living with a man who isn't her husband. You lied to her when your relationship was just starting. If the relationship at that point wasn't an established thing, what difference does it make if you where with some other girls other than the fact of the lie itself? I'm sorry, but the more I read your posts and explanations the more I see problems in your relationship. But it is your relationship and if it is what you want to do you are a grown up and it is your choice. You have been given much very good advice yet think you know so much better how to run your life, but the same thing holds, it is your choice to live this way, but please be going into this with your eyes wide open.

    I feel sorry for her little boy, but children do survive many moves and that is part of military life. I wasn't military but I'm not sure how many times I have moved (30+ over a lifetime) and how many different schools I went to and it certainly didn't kill me. Kids can be more flexible than we think.


      The first thing you need to do is create a budget with living expenses, food, any necessary travel, and your minimum payments on your debts, and figure out a way to live below those means. It will be a process to figure out a new way of living, but it can surely be done. Get a small emergency fund going, or at least some sort of buffer in your account to avoid overdrafts.

      Then, I would focus on those three smallest debts first, every extra bit of money get rid of those -- they're store cards and Bill Me Later credit that aren't doing you any good. Try not to use those types of things anymore, and your credit score should begin to rise, as long as you make payments on all of your other debt consistently at or above the minimum. Save up for anything you want or need to buy in the future. Then when those are paid off, go with the highest interest rate/highest balance and start paying off the rest.

      It'll be hard work but you can do it! Never think of it as a final destination either, having those good money habits you're building now to get out of this debt can lead you to continued great habits throughout life.


        My two bits - Slow down and make the most of what you have and live very cheaply until those debts are paid off. Make sure gf is on board with the new lifestyle for the next couple of years. She has to be, or your plan won't work feasibly.

        Here's a good plan to follow (steps 1 -3), simplified with what you need to do, show it to her and discuss -