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    Good on you for becoming aware that you have a debt problem. With DH's variable income based on hours given, he might take on more responsibility for groceries, food and meals. I'm guessing you've been eating out because you're tired after class, work, clinicals, baby and household tasks. If you use 'loss leaders' from flyers and write out a menu plan, you will eat healthier and w-aay cheaper. You will save a bundle if you both eat a healthy breakfast take lunch from home including beverage. A couple of coffees at Starbucks each week is a surprisingly expensive treat. If you don't have a crock pot/slo cooker...get this invaluable tool which is often available at Charity/thrift outlets under $ 10.

    Please don't freak at the idea of using gently used stuff. You can pour boiling water over and 'sterilize.' If you've ever slept in a hotel, you've been sleeping on used mattresses that thousands used attested by bed bug epidemics that sweep through from time-to-time. I worry everytime I walk into a hospital to visit a patient. What nasty bacteria is floating in the corridors? You can stretch your non discretionary dollars if you're willing to buy used clothes, particularly since babies grow so fast.

    I suggest you track down paperwork. What do you need to do to get that $ 400. refund? That's 80% of the $500. you must pay to graduate.

    What sums do you pay to operate and maintain vehicles? There are so many ordinary expenditures that can capsize your well thought out financial plan. We want you to make getting through this phase as painless as possible. You've got good, trustworthy, inexpensive child care and I'm betting you'll get a job in your field if you use the resources available and start networking now to let folks know you want to work for them.