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  • credit question

    If you have a family member that should be allowed to have credit cards due to an illness, is there some place that you can call so that they cannot acquire credit cards on their own. I can get a doctor's note or have them sign something.

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    If I understand you right, you are asking about power of attorney? A living will and trust may be what you are asking about. You should get ahold of an attorney that deals with estate planning.


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      It's someone who has bipolar and when they get a credit card they can't stop spending. They can't stop getting credit cards and spending money. Ideally it would be nice to do it without the person knowing and confonting them. Just so that when they apply for for credit cards it gets rejected. Also their current credit cards get closed after I transfer them to lower interest rate cards.


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        I don't think it would technically be legal to take this action without them knowing about it. I mean, you could do it if you had all the right information, but I doubt it would be legal unless you had power of attorney. All you would need to do is place a credit freeze on their reports with each of the 3 major credit bureaus.
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          I'm not sure if a guardianship would also help resolve the issue. Maybe it applies? It's a little bit different than a POA.

          Court Programs - Self-Help Guardianship

          It can be granted for adults who have significant issues making their own decisions.

          Again, not sure you could prevent CCs with this, but it might work. And you'd have to get a court to appoint someone as guardian. You can't just fill out a form.

          I doubt you could ever do something like this without the affected person knowing about it.


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            credit question

            I have a sister who is Bipolar, she is under medication to maintain stability. She can manage her finances well since she used to work in a bank before her illness. Probably, the best card for your family member is a debit card so you can control the spending.