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    Here is a quick list:

    - Books
    - DVDs
    - CDs
    - Old Computers
    - Lawn gear (maintenance stuff)
    - Old clothes of yours.

    I really like the idea that you went ahead and started trying to get an emergency fund going.

    Good luck!


      I would look around the house and take anything that hasn't been used in over year and try to sell it. You'll be surprised as to what some of the things you don't need anymore have value wise to someone else. Also if you have used clothing in good condition that you don't need anymore, if you can't sell it on Craigslist, try selling it to a thrift shop.


        I wouldn't sell clothes on Craigslist, because I just looked on E-Bay, and people are selling them for pennies on the dollar there, and good name brands, too! I personally wouldn't think selling stuff on Craigslist is as "safe" as on E-Bay. At least E-Bay backs stuff up, and they have information on it on their website. I don't think Craigslist will help you if you buy or sell stuff on there and have any issues with it.


          Furniture, books (especially college books), sports equipment, kitchen appliances are some potential sell-ables. I would hang on to the baby gear for now if I were you.


            I would keep the baby clothes because you will spend more on them in the future. In my opinion with know what is in your house; have a huge clear out everything (remember one man rubbish is another man gold) and see what you don’t really need and sell them eg coffee table.