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  • Slandgie
    Hi there Five Pennies!

    I started working with a credit counseling firm called American Debt Solutions in the beginning of 08. They got bought out by CCCS around the middle of 09. Since my accounts have been handled by CCCS, they have actually gotten my interest rates lowered further on 3 of the 8 accounts. To give you an idea, here is a breakdown:

    Original ADS CCCS
    Capital One 1: 18.00% 9.99% 9.99% this one is paid off
    Capital One 2: 26.40% 26.40% 26.40% paid off in one month
    Lowes: 19.99% 10.00% n/a was paid off before CCCS
    Wells Fargo: 18.90% 12.00% 10.00%
    Discover 21.90% 9.00% 6.99%
    Chase 29.99% (!!) 7.00% 6.00%
    HSBC 21.65% 9.00% 9.00%
    Goodyear 21.90% 9.90% 9.90%

    I have had no problems with CCCS, they have been helpful and have been cooperative in every way I can think of. And no, I am not getting paid by them to say this! LOL

    Good luck!


    P.S. Maybe I am the rare exception to the rule (at least from what I have read on this forum), but my credit score has actually gone up over the past two years I have been using ADS/CCCS. When I first started, my scores were bad, somewhere in the 510 to 540 range. Right now, they are in the 625-650 range. Going though a credit counseling firm hasn't lowered my credit score.
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  • fivepennies
    started a topic Consolidated Credit Counseling Services

    Consolidated Credit Counseling Services

    Does anyone have any experience dealing with this company. I just signed up to consolidate three of my credit cards with them in an effort to reduce my monthly payments. I was paying about $500 a month total on my credit cards, but now my monthly payments are down to about $350.

    They seem liked a legit company. I originally contacted Credit Solutions and they kept wanting me to do debt settlement saying that my decision to do debt consolidation was not a wise one. They are still hassling me even after I told them I've already signed up with Consolidated Credit.

    Credit Solutions people are relentless. I've been contacted a handful of times and every time it's someone different which leads me to believe they are a shady company. I much prefer dealing with one person all the time, at least in the beginning ya know when I'm trying to make a decision.